About Us

Simplicate was founded in September 2016 by Patrick Yeoh & Gurmeet Singh who are both from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their initial approach was putting great products on a beautiful site with awesome prices to boot. However, they soon decided that their customers wanted to relate to a brand that could be trusted and relied upon. Thus, knowing the people behind Simplicate would be a small but important step towards building a name and a brand that more and more customers would not only be happy with, but love and be excited about.
Patrick is an experienced sales and account management specialist in the advertising and IT industry and loves building relationships and making customers happy. He strongly believes in ethics in business and is constantly seeking to explore new ideas and concepts. Not so secretly, Patrick enjoys window shopping and loves messing around with electronics, gadgets and trinkets.
Gurmeet runs multiple ventures and is a successful serial entrepreneur who loves the challenge of building businesses. His forays into industries such as telecommunications, IT, transportation and financial services, lend an added perspective to Simplicate as an eCommerce initiative.
The idea for Simplicate came about when they discussed how crowded and noisy the Internet is. Customers who wanted to buy online would face a myriad of uncertainties. These would be the questions that come up: "Are my credit card details secure?", "Can I trust this person I'm dealing with?", "When will I receive these goods?" and "Are there any hidden or extra charges when I check out?".
So they decided that Simplicate had a part to play. How? They'd seek out great products and bring them to customers at really good prices. They'd offer privacy-assured transactions, worry-free refund policies and secured shipping with tracking. Also, they'll provide a guarantee that customers don't get a suprise extra shipping charge or hidden fees at the checkout. For added assurance and support, they'd be reachable and responsive via Skype & e-mail.
Being in this part of the South East Asia also allows Simplicate to introduce some unique trends, ideas and products to its customers beyond the region, and this would add to its uniqueness as an eCommerce platform.
Simplicate will simplify your online shopping experience and take care of all the complications.
Together, Patrick & Gurmeet are not only building an eCommerce site. They're building a Simplicate team; a brand to trust and a great platform that serves its customers well.
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