The Idea Of Being A Minimalist

Less is more. 

The ability to be content with what you need instead of continually craving for what you want - this is rare. Now, there seems to be a growing awareness of what life might be like as a minimalist. Just surviving, no, thriving, and finding more meaning to life than merely accumulating material possessions, this could be a wave that could become big.

Imagine yourself being surrounded, even cramped, with things all around. The more you have, the more there is to maintain, to care for, to look after. More to clean, more to fix, more to arrange and to tidy up and to wash and make space for.

And for another second imagine yourself with very little around you. The bareness would seem empty, save but the knowledge that you have what you need. That might sound a bit scary, because we're so used to distractions and things to do and stuff chase after. What would we do?

Perhaps we'd be drawn to a sickening situation where we'd have to think and ponder and consider what is important, worthwhile and purposeful in our life or in the lives of those who matter to us.

Fancy that. Maybe in this bareness, we could find some treasure.


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